Commercial Engineer, Bachelor of Business Administration, Economist, IT Consultant, Open Source advocate, Sysape, not a window cleaner and all around good guy.


  • Long time (15+ years) UNIX/Linux and other Free Libre Open Source Software expert. Economics of Industrial Organization and Strategics.


  • Expertise in new technologies, internet and networking, with special interest in business models analysis, industrial organization, FLOSS, and new communication media industry.

  • Co-founder of GNOME Chile back in 2001, a nonprofit developers, enthusiasts and mentoring group in order to spread the use of GNOME related technologies in the national community.

  • Co-organizer and lecturer of the GNOME Hackers Training Meetings.

  • Co-founder and lecturer of GULUdeC, Universidad de Concepción Linux Users Group.

  • Lecturer at several conferences related to Open Source over the last 10 years addressing diverse topics from Open Source graphic design tools to IT Architecture and Networking to the economics of IT related industries and social investment in Open Source initiatives.

  • CTO since 2012 at LINETS CHILE SPA, working as platform team leader, security advisor and strategics designer.


  • Bachelor of Business Administration, Universidad del Desarrollo, Concepción, Chile.
  • Commercial Engineering, Universidad del Desarrollo, Concepción, Chile.

Other interests

Photography, architecture, design, basketball and BMX.

Contact me

If you are interested in having a coffee while I drink an orange juice, feel free to send me a message:

Fabián Arias

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